Calm Waters

As I type this, the full results of the November 2020 election are unknown. But one thing does seem clear. There was neither a blue wave nor a red wave. I regard that as a good thing in that I think it gives us an opportunity to do better as a society. 

We are sometimes called “deeply divided” in America. If one draws conclusions solely based on social media and the pronouncements of the pundit class, one may conclude that we are all in one of two warring camps that don’t just disagree with each other. Rather, we hate each other. 

Fortunately, I’m a contrarian. I see things a bit differently. As humans, we have our moments of despair and frustration. But I don’t think most people hate each other. In fact, I think most people would rather see the good in each other and wish happiness for one another. 

Therefore, with the election being so close and neither side receiving a clear mandate from the voters, perhaps we can all take a collective Valium and clear our weary minds of the exhortations to see others as enemies. 

Elections matter, of course. but it matters much more how each of us treats each of our fellow human beings. We are not political parties. We are not voting blocs. We are not anything anyone else says we are. We are individual humans, trying to navigate life among other humans. Fortunately, we have the option of choosing to be understanding. Offering a kind word or act. Understanding that we all have hearts, souls and value.  When we see ourselves and others in that light, we can connect with one another in ways that are much more uplifting, much healthier and much more meaningful than if we adopt the angst offered in our twitter feed.  

So I think the waters are actually calm. There were no real waves, despite the forecasts. Yes, we are very divided politically. But in calm waters, none of us need to drown. 

copyright Daniel Blake, November 4, 2020

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