Hearing Things


I think I’ve heard at least half the deer I’ve shot before I saw them. The walking cadence, the snap of a twig or even brushing against grass gave them away. It’s important to be listening and attentive in the deer woods. 

However, there is more listening to be done than just trying to hear an approaching deer. The fall is moving toward winter and all of God’s creatures seem to have something to say.  Birds call one another to gather in large numbers.  Squirrels are noisy as they frantically gather acorns.  Even the wind sounds different with its foreboding tones, warning of winter’s cruelty. Listening to nature connects us to it. And it connects us to one another as we are all equally subject to it’s whims. 

But there is even more hearing to be done in the deer woods. When I am quiet in mind as well as in action, I may hear my father telling me he is proud of the daughter-in-law and grandchildren he never got to meet. I may hear my own, best voice, reminding me of how lucky I am to have reasonably good health and a cozy home.  And if I’m really quiet of mind, I may hear a still, small voice, reminding me that my purpose in being is not all about me.

Hearing is something most of us are blessed with. But it’s not always easy because we tend to surround ourselves with so much noise. So I look forward to every November. I can quiet myself and quiet my mind. It’s amazing what I can hear. 

Copyright November 2019 by Daniel Blake

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