A Bird Dog’s View of the Election

imageGuest post by Max

I feel terrible for my human family. They seem so stressed out over so many things. They seem to rush around in the morning, change their fur, put on their paws and then rush out the door in their metal boxes that roll. They come home all stressed out and spend the evening staring at shiny rectangular things. I try to cheer them up just by being a friendly presence but they seem too stressed to notice, let alone play with me or go for a walk.

These days, it’s even worse. There is an orange guy on their shiny rectangular things that seems angry about everything and a coughing lady talking about people being deplorable. I don’t think I would want either of those people as my humans.

I know I’m just a dog but I wish I could talk so I could tell my human family that “it’s ok”. I have a warm place to sleep, food and water, and a family. That seems like enough. I know humans have bigger brains than I do but I sometimes wonder if they just use those big brains to worry about more stuff while not being to do anything about it. I know I feel better when I get outside and get some exercise. At night, I feel better just hanging out with my family and paying some attention to each other. I think it might also help if humans could view the toilet bowl as half-full rather than half-empty because there is almost always a refreshing drink of water to be had, and that’s a good thing. I also think that it would help humans to remember to sniff others as you would want to be sniffed. And it’s ok to just be goofy and roll around once in a while. Goofiness seems to improve my mood. And I like it when my humans laugh.

So I don’t know what this election season is all about but I don’t think that staring at shiny rectangular things all the time really helps make my human family be happier. The orange guy and the coughing lady don’t really seem to offer anything helpful, as far as I can tell. But assuming that the humans will keep paying attention to the orange guy or the coughing lady, I think that my family could still be ok if they remember that we will all be all right if we stick together and enjoy the things in life that really do seem to bring happiness. At the end of the day, I don’t think that the orange guy or the coughing lady can hurt what’s inside of us, if we don’t let them.

Copyright September 2016 by Max, the Dog and Daniel Blake.

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