Welcome to Reflections of a Flawed Man. My name is Daniel Blake and I truly am a flawed man, in a number of ways.

First, I think all humans are flawed, at least to a certain degree.  And just to prove it, these days we are given the opportunity to show our human frailties with the instant authorship offered by the internet.  The inherent down time from thought to publication has been radically shrunk and I’m sure I will take “good” advantage of that. If any of my posts fall short of being “brilliant”, oh well.

Second, I have had two major strokes and I have also had cancer.  I may be a bit of a slow learner but I think these events have taught me a few things.  Its not always easy to learn the lessons life is trying to teach but there is something about facing one’s mortality that brings one’s mind into a sharper focus.  There is a whole lot that just doesn’t matter much under such circumstances.  That leaves a few things that, perhaps, do matter.  I’m not certain about much of anything I write but my thoughts do have a genesis that may be a bit hard to come by while still being above ground.

And that’s really why I’ve started to write. If there is anything I have to share that’s worth sharing, I want to pass it on. A good friend of mine chided me after my last stroke and said, “Dan, you better start writing before something actually does kill you.”   If what I have to say is helpful to anyone, great. If not, that’s alright too.  Reaction to this blog, or the lack thereof, will dictate how much of what I have to say is of interest to anyone and how much I will likely continue to write publicly.  I hope you have fun reading and feel free to react.  I will respond, interact and post as I feel like it.  I promise nothing more.

All of my posts, photos and other content are protected by copyright, Daniel Blake, 2013-2015.  Use of any of my copyrighted material will be with my express permission only.

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